About us

“Adrijus” was founded in 2007, company is based in a port city Klaipeda (Lithuania) and is one of the fastest growing companies in the region.

With nearly 60 employees we have gained recognition and trust of our clients worldwide because of our professionalism, competence, skills and ability to work with projects globally. We have participated in marine and on-shore projects in The Baltic States, Scandinavia, Western Europe and Asia.

Company’s goal is to become a leader in flooring installation industry and to remain your most trusted partner in all flooring needs.

“Adrijus” is operating in two main bussiness fields:

1. Flooring installation in various types of buildings such as: residential, public, manufacture, healthcare, hotels, recreational. Our professional staff will perform outstanding quality work, from preparation of floor base to installation of requested flooring.

2. Marine interior solutions (all types of commercial ships, cruise liners & offshore constructions). For marine sector we supply wide range of IMO certified interior materials as well as full service of material installation including flooring.


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